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Room A

Mario Herrera-Marschitz, Chile


Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection: integrating our understanding of brain disease

Symposium I, Chairs: Andy Tasker and Antonello Novelli, Canada/Spain


9:00  Introduction  (A. Tasker and A. Novelli)


9:05  A. Marini, (USA): "The Sharp-2 transcription factor: A new candidate for protecting the brain against ischemia".


9:35  A. Tasker, (Canada): "Fuctional neuroprotection following ischemia using an inhibitor of NMDA receptor-PSD95 interaction".


10:05  M. Braga, (USA): "Protecting the Brain against Seizure-Induced Neuropathology: Excitatory Mechanisms Mediated by the Amygdala".



10:35   Coffee break



10:55  C. Cosi, (France): "The excitotoxic hypothesis of schizophrenia and antipsychotic drugs as neuroprotective agents".


11:25  M. R.  Marien, (France): "Noradrenergic mechanisms in neurodegenerative disorders: evidence from in vivo animal studies".


11:55  C. A. Castillo, (Spain): "Glutamate modulates G-protein coupled receptors natively expressed in neuronal and glial cells".



 Lunch (12:30-14:30)



Symposium I, Chairs: Antonello Novelli and Andy Tasker, Spain/Canada


14:30  M. Herrera-Marschitz, (Chile): "Effect of Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1 (PARP-1) inhibition on metabolic insults occurring at birth: promises and limitations".


15:00  A. Novelli, (Spain): "Protein phosphatase inhibition by okadaic acid impairs astrocyte-mediated neuroprotection against oxidative stress".


15:30  M. Memo, (Italy): "Protein aggregation and neurodegeneration: focus on oligomers of beta amyloid peptides".



16:00   Round Table Discussion

16:30 Coffee break 





Messages from gene expression data: when systems biology kicks in



Symposium II, Chair: Peter Gebicke-Haerter, Germany


17:00  Introduction (P. Gebicke-Haerter)


17:05  G. Lubec, (Austria):  "On proteomics-pitfalls and limitations".


17:30  P. Gebicke-Haerter, ( Germany):  "Few Examples of Ways to Interpret Data From Expression Profiling Studies".


17:55  F. Tretter, (Germany):  ",,Elements,, of mental disorders: neural networks, cells, proteins, genes?-the systems biology perspective!".


18:20   E. Mendoza, (Germany): "What we can learn from a genome scale model of unicellular metabolism".


18:45  Round Table Discussion



K. Tujioka, M. Ohsumi, K. Hayase and H. Yokogoshi, (Japan):  "Role of growth hormone and amino acids on the brain protein synthesis in rats given proteins of different quantity and quality contained wheat gluten".

K. Tujioka, S. Okuyama, H. Yokogoshi, K. Hayase, K. Horie and M. Kim, (Japan): "Dietary ã-aminobutyric acid affects the brain protein synthesis rate in young rats".

J. Mühling, M. Fuchs, J. Gonter, K.A. Nickolaus, M. Halabi, M. Müller, D. Burchert and G. Hempelmann, (Germany):  "Effects of pyruvate on neutrophil (PMN) free amino and á-keto acid homeostassis or immunocompetence".

J. Mühling, M. Fuchs, J. Gonter, K.A. Nickolaus, M. Halabi, M. Müller, D. Burchert and G. Hempelmann, (Germany):  "Effects of á-ketoglutarate on neutrophil (PMN) free amino and á-Keto acid homeostasis or immunocompetence".

T. Fukushima, S. Mitsuhashi, M. Tomiya, T. Sasaki and T. Toyo’oka, (Japan):  "Alterations in plasma kynurenate and glutamate in ketamine-treated rats".

E. Topo, (Italia):  "Occurrence of D-aspartate oxidase in the neuronal post-synaptic membrane".

M. Radner, A. Pakozdy, M. Leschnik, B. Kepplinger, J. Thalhammer and H. Baran, (Austria): "Tryptophan metabolites in canine epilepsy".

A. I. Bocheva, E. B. Djambazova and H. H. Nocheva, (Bulgaria): " Involvement of adrenergic system in analgesic effects of Tyr-W-MIF-1 with or without stress".

E. B. Djambazova, H. H. Nocheva and A. I. Bocheva, (Bulgaria): "Effects of D-kyotorphin on immobilisation stress-induced analgesia in rats".

A. D’Aniello, A. Di Maio, T. Pollio, E. Topo, G. Ferrandino, E. D’ Aniello, M. Borghi and G. Fisher, (Italy/USA):  "Presence of N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid (NDMA) in Human Brain and its Involvement in Neurotrasmission".

A. Novelli , A. Pérez-Gómez, A. Ferrero-Gutiérrez, S. Saba, M. T. Fernández-Sánchez, J. Alvarez-Carriles and J. Salas-Puig, (Austria/Spain): "The anticonvulsant drug Levetiracetam does not reduce the survival of cultured neurons".

A. Santillo, R. Monteforte, A. D’Aniello, M. Di Giovanni and G. C. Baccari, (Italy):" D-Aspartate induces secretory activity in rat Harderian gland through ERK pathway".

J. Parada-Turska, W. Zgrajka, W. Turski, M. Jabłoński, M. Majdan and  W. Rzeski, (Poland):"Excitatory Amino Acid antagonists and rheumatoid arthritis".

A. Novelli, A. Ferrero-Gutierrez, MT. Fernandez-Sanchez, ML. Fernandez-Sanchez, A. Sanz-Medel, J. Alvarez-Carriles and J. Salas-Puig,  (Spain): "Selenium content and glutathione peroxidase activity in epileptic patients".  

J. P. P. John, O. Pintsov, A Petter-Puchner, H. Redl, A. Pollak, W. Q. Chen, and G. Lubec, (Austria): "Nitric Oxide and Oxygen Radical Attack on GDP-Dissociation Inhibitor 2 (GDI-2) in Spinal Cord Injury of the Rat".

B. Sunyer, S. Patil, C. Frischer, H. Hoeger, J. Selcher, W. Brannath and G. Lubec, (Austria): "Strain-dependent effects of SGS742 in the mouse".



Sports  Exercise and Health

Room B


Chair: Kevin Tipton, UK

9:00  Introduction  (K. Tipton)

9:05  L. S. Sidossis, (Greece): "Slowing down the aging process through nutrition and exercise".

9:25  A. R Hipkiss, (UK): "Ageing, protein-protein cross links, protein-carbonyl group interactions and carnosine".

10:05  M. Rennie, (UK): "Protein turnover in the human musculoskeletal system: Effects of nutrition, physical activity/inactivity and age".


10:50   Coffee Break


Chair: Labros Sidossis, Greece

11:10  Introduction (L. Sidossis)

11:15  E. Blomstrand, (Sweden):  "Effect of exercise training on protein signalling".

12:00   J. Ivy, (USA): "Effect of Carbohydrate/Protein Supplements on Exercise Performance and Recovery".

12:45  W. Apro, (Sweden): "Effect of branched chain amino acids on protein signalling  in resting and exercising muscle".


Lunch (13:05-14:10)   


Chair: Eva Blomstrand, Sweden

14:10  Introduction (E. Blomstrand)

14:15   K. Tipton, (UK):  "Does supplementation with proteogenic Amino Acids and Proteins influence post-exercise protein turnover? (e.g. synthesis, protein loss, cell damage)".

15:00   M. Tarnopolsky, (Canada):  "Influence of Sex Differences in Endurance Exercise on Amino Acid Metabolism and the Implications for Dietary Protein Requirements".


 15:45  Coffee break 


Chair: Alan Hipkiss, UK

16:05  Introduction  (A. Hipkiss)

16:10  M. Francaux, (Belgium): "Taurine and muscle activity".

16:50  J. Baxter, (USA):  "The Leucine Metabolite HMB:Mechanistic Considerations and Clinical Outcomes in Exercise Performance".

17:10  L. Castell, (UK):  "Some amino acids associated with physical and mental fatigue".

 17:50  C. Kerksick, (USA): "Effect  Prophylactic Supplementation of N-Acetyl-Cysteine and Epigallocatechin Gallate on Markers of Oxidative Stresss, Inflammation and Apoptosis After Eccentric Contraction-Induced Injury in Untrained Males".


19:30  Welcome Ceremony