Amino Acids


Plant Amino Acids Protein profiling
Nitric oxide/Arginine New Methods in Proteomics
Amino Acid Transport Updated instrumentation

Amino Acid Metabolism

Pitfalls and Limitations

Amino Acid Analogues

Signaling proteins

Amino Acid Synthesis / Medicinal Chemistry

Cytoskeleton proteins

Drug Design


Amino Acid Analysis


Amino Acid Pharmacology

Antioxidant proteins


Neuronal proteins

Sulfur containing amino acids

Disease - Marker proteins 

Excitatory amino acids and Amino Acids in Neurobiology and Neuroscience

New Software / Bioinformatics

Amino acid racemization

Integrated proteomics workflow

Polyamines Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
 Amino Acids and Sports/Exercise Enzyme Technology
Modifications of Amino Acids including lipoylation, glycosylation, phosphorylation, oxidation, nitrosylation etc.


Sports / Exercise Satellite on :

   Protein synthesis in response to exercise and training (e.g. gene Expression, transcription, regulation and temporal responses).

   Supplementation with proteogenic Amino Acids and Proteins-  post-exercise protein turnover? (e.g. synthesis, protein loss, cell damage)

   Peptides in muscle important to exercise performance (e.g. glutathione, carnosine)

   Insulin, type II DM and exercise

   Effects of non-proteogenic Amino Acids on muscle physiology/biochemistry and exercise performance (e.g. taurine and beta-alanine)

   Derivatives of proteogenic and non-proteogenic Amino Acids affecting metabolism and performance (e.g. glutamine, arginine, carnitine and creatine)


Bionformatics and Biomedical Science

The topics covered by this session include, but are not limited to:

   Prediction of Subcellular Locations of Proteins and Their Other Attributes (Enzyme Family Class, Membrane Protein Type, GPCR Class, Protease Type, Structural Class, and so on)

   New Development in Membrane Protein Structure and Its Impact to Biomedicine

   Prediction of Signal Peptides, HIV - Protease Cleavage Sites, B - Cell Epitopes

   Structural Bioninformatics and Drug Discovery (3D sturctural prediction, Homology Modeling, Docking, Protein - Ligand Interactions, Structure - Based Drug Design)

   Protein Internal Motion and Its Biological Functions

   Neworking Analysis and System Biology, Analysis and Prediction of Metabolic Pathways and diseases, Protein - Protein Interactions, Protein - Nucleic Acid Interactions